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International Institute For Cultural Diplomacy


International Institute For Cultural Diplomacy

The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (IICD), founded in 2010, is an organization that helps educate, create awareness, and train people in the Gulf Region about foreign cultures. It is widely recognized the value of cultural diplomacy to nations. With the increase and need of foreign workers in the Gulf Region, it is important more than ever before for industries like the hospitality, health care, and energy industries and the population at large to embrace the exchange of ideas and socio-political aspects of foreign cultures. The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy helps people foster a mutual understanding of cultural differences.

IICD is a Pioneer think tank of cultural diplomacy in the United Arab Emirates. Through our initiatives, we have assisted countless nations and organizations in their pursuit to attain cultural diplomacy. It is our goal to engage in continuous support to the GCC diplomatic growth proactively. Serving the vast majority of the significant ventures in the region, IICD has turned into a critical segment in the modern scene in a brief time frame and plans to continue playing a significant role in the world vision 2030.

Mr. Mohammad Kamil Almuaini | Chairman & Founder of IICD

We IICD completed the digital transformation with BESTOFMINE help to solve our organization's critical issues and bring more effective and dynamic force in place


  • Being in the region for 10 years we felt need of a Brand Push, and we are not Digital neither our staff is Techy
  • Traditional Trainings are our passion, and we achieved the heights with a great spirit, but COVID changed us to think going Digital, were we looked for help support us
  • Decentralized Information


  • Managed Networking Meetings, User Groups, and Events/Conferences for IICD partnering industry leaders and influencers which given a Brand Push to IICD
  • Established Digital Learning Platform where IICD conducted online trainings.
  • We also introduced CRM system that helped to maintain the communication synchronized between the teams . Our Executive Dashboards which covers 360-degree view on the updates is the highlight to Mr. Mohammed.

We have taken the right decision partnering with BESTOFMINE, they have been with us almost a year now and they solved our 10 years issues in one year.

Underlying Practices

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