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Mediaquest Corp


Mediaquest Corp

Mediaquest Corporation is a privately owned publishing house based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In 2011 the business publication Saneou Al Hadath, a Mediaquest property, rated Dubai the "Best Arab City to Live in. Mediaquest was founded in Paris in 1987. It primarily serves the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. The company runs a news web site and an online business magazine. "Dotmena", a subsidiary founded in 2010, is an online advertising network that runs ads on over 2,000 websites.

Mr. Alexandre Hawari | CEO of Mediaquest Corp

Worked on building audience exchange platform to serve audience targeting campaigns without cookies.


  • My dream is to have a 360 view of customer profiles and we always wondered how to get there.
  • We were always looking at ways to structure the wealth of unstructured data we had as publishers.
  • We had a clear vision of building an Audience Exchange Platform, but we were looking for the right partner.


  • BESTOFMINE provides us with a solution on how to get a 360-view based on their B2B and B2C data.
  • We cleaned the database from various publications and structured the data through hundreds of dimensions.
  • BESTOFMINE partnered with Mediaquest to create MQX, an Audience Exchange Platform through which, along with our supplier’s support across the world, we successfully reached a 4.5 billion audiences.

We found the right partner for our Audience Exchange Platform and joined forces to lead a great and successful journey in the data world. The third-party cookie phasing out by 2022 announced by Google is no longer a concern. We are ready to deal with everything.

Underlying Practices

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