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Listening to Stories


Listening to Stories

James with his venture explores industries and verticals in digital domain to provide guidance for their data drivent approaches. He belives in understandig audience experience and connecting their behaviour pattern to give them better customer experience to gain and retain.

Mr. James Welch| Advisor, Curator, Judge, Speaker, and Writer Listening to Stories

Analytics streamlined our KPI reports and saved over Dhs 150k annually after automating our reporting using BestOfMine.


  • James Welch, is known as Ad Man he identified Mohandas Alle a great potential for performance solutions
  • Together discussed server market issues on how to get the answers
  • Mentor and Mentee relationship given to many innovative ideas
  • How to be a Peoples man, it is a secret to win-win situation how to overcome with situations

What solutions we provided

  • With James Welch reference Mohan cracked several projects and delivered Performance Marketing with the great results
  • Mohan reached to be as Data & Digital Advisor for Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • BESTOFMINE founded by Mohan with few best product in house and they are;
    • Data Hub & Data Exploration
    • Book of URLs
    • Clever Graph
    • Daily News Highlights

I enjoyed mentoring Mr. Mohandas Alle for his BESTOFMINE startup journey, he is been a key for many organization to make Performance Marketing works for them. And his in-house products are a game changers for sure… soon his products will be reaching sky high and they deserve it…

Underlying Practices

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